September 6


What is Soberlink and How Can It Help You Stay Sober?

By Joshua Turner

September 6, 2023

Soberlink is a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system that provides an easy and reliable way for individuals to prove their sobriety. The system uses advanced technology to measure the user’s breath alcohol content (BAC) and sends the results to a secure online account. Soberlink is used in various settings, including family law and workplace compliance.

In family law, Soberlink is often used as a tool to ensure compliance with court-ordered sobriety. It allows parents to demonstrate their sobriety to the court and regain custody of their children. In the workplace, Soberlink is used to ensure that employees are sober while on the job, particularly in safety-sensitive positions.

Key Takeaways

  • Soberlink is an alcohol monitoring system that measures breath alcohol content and sends results to a secure online account.
  • Soberlink is used in family law to ensure court-ordered sobriety and in the workplace to ensure employee sobriety.
  • Soberlink is a reliable and easy-to-use tool that provides peace of mind for individuals and organizations.

What is Soberlink?

Soberlink is an alcohol monitoring system that uses facial recognition and a professional-grade breathalyzer to provide real-time reporting of test results. It is a wireless device that is portable and easy to use, making it a great tool for those in addiction recovery who need remote alcohol monitoring.

Soberlink has FDA 510(k) medical clearance and uses proprietary technologies to ensure reliability and accuracy.

How does it work?

Soberlink uses fuel-cell technology to detect the breath alcohol concentration of the user. The device takes a time-stamped reading of the test result and stores it for future reference.

The facial recognition software ensures that the test is being taken by the correct person. If a non-compliant test result is detected, the monitoring agreement will be notified.


Soberlink provides accountability for those in addiction recovery by allowing them to monitor their own alcohol use. It also provides accountability for loved ones and professionals who are involved in the recovery process.

Soberlink’s remote alcohol monitoring technology makes it easy for users to take tests from anywhere, and the device’s tamper detection ensures that test results are accurate.

Soberlink’s advanced reporting and state-of-the-art technology make it a reliable and accurate tool for monitoring alcohol use disorder.

Soberlink and Family Law

Soberlink can be a valuable tool in family law cases involving alcohol abuse. It provides a reliable and convenient way to monitor a parent’s alcohol consumption and ensure the safety of children during custody and parenting time arrangements.


Soberlink is a portable breathalyzer that uses advanced technology to accurately measure a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC). It is often used in family law cases to monitor alcohol consumption by parents during child custody and parenting time arrangements.

Soberlink is a reliable and convenient way to ensure that parents are not under the influence of alcohol while caring for their children.

Court-Ordered Monitoring

In some cases, a court may order a parent to use Soberlink as part of a child custody or parenting time agreement. This means that the parent must submit to regular breathalyzer tests, which are sent directly to the other parent or a third-party monitor. The results are then used to determine whether the parent is complying with the court’s orders regarding alcohol consumption.

Divorce and Child Custody Cases

Soberlink can be a valuable tool in divorce and child custody cases, especially when one parent has a history of alcohol abuse.

By using Soberlink, the other parent can have peace of mind knowing that their child is not being exposed to alcohol during visits with the other parent. Soberlink can also be used to prove that a parent is not complying with court-ordered alcohol restrictions.

Parenting Time Only

In cases where a parent only has parenting time with their child and not custody, Soberlink can still be used to ensure that the parent is not under the influence of alcohol during visits. This can be especially important if the parent has a history of alcohol abuse or has been ordered by the court to refrain from drinking alcohol during parenting time.

Testing Schedules

Soberlink testing schedules can be customized to meet the needs of each individual case. For example, a parent may be required to submit to a breathalyzer test every time they pick up or drop off their child, or they may be required to submit to random tests throughout the day. The testing schedule will depend on the specific court order and the needs of the child.

Soberlink and Workplace Compliance

Soberlink is a valuable tool for workplace compliance programs, providing increased safety and accountability for both employers and employees. Its reliability and accuracy make it a trusted device in the legal system, and its use can help prevent accidents and injuries on the job.


Soberlink is a portable, wireless breathalyzer device that allows individuals to test their blood alcohol content (BAC) and send the results to a designated recipient. It is often used in workplace compliance programs to ensure employees are not under the influence of alcohol while on the job.


Soberlink offers several benefits for workplace compliance, including increased accountability and safety. Employers can monitor their employees’ BAC levels in real time and take action if necessary. This can help prevent accidents and injuries on the job, as well as reduce liability for the employer.

Reliability and Accuracy

Soberlink is a highly reliable and accurate device, with a margin of error of only 0.005%. It uses advanced technology to ensure that the results are precise and consistent. Additionally, the device is tamper-proof, meaning that it cannot be manipulated or cheated.

Challenged in Court

Soberlink has been challenged in court on several occasions but has consistently been upheld as a reliable and accurate device. In fact, it has been used as evidence in court cases to prove that an individual was under the influence of alcohol at a specific time.

Soberlink Share Program

The Soberlink Share Program is a comprehensive program that provides accountability, support, and community for individuals who struggle with alcohol addiction. The program uses advanced technology to promote sobriety and improve the quality of life for individuals in recovery.


Soberlink Share Program is a comprehensive program that uses advanced technology to promote accountability and sobriety. The program provides a platform for sobriety testing, identification, and community support. It is designed to help individuals who struggle with alcohol addiction to maintain their sobriety and improve their quality of life.

How it Works

Soberlink Share Program uses a portable breathalyzer device that connects to a mobile app. The device measures the user’s blood alcohol content (BAC) and sends the results to the app.

The app then sends the results to a designated person, such as a sponsor, therapist, or family member. The designated person can monitor the user’s sobriety and provide support and encouragement when needed.


The Soberlink Share Program is covered by most insurance plans. The program is considered a medical device and is prescribed by a healthcare professional. The cost of the program may vary depending on the insurance plan and the individual’s specific needs.


The Soberlink Share Program provides a platform for individuals to connect with others who are also in recovery. The program includes a community feature that allows users to share their experiences, provide support, and receive encouragement from others.

The community feature creates a sense of belonging and helps individuals stay motivated and focused on their sobriety goals.


The Soberlink Share Program is committed to raising awareness about alcohol addiction and the importance of sobriety. The program partners with organizations such as UNITE to promote awareness and education about addiction. The program also provides resources and support to individuals who are struggling with alcohol addiction and their families.


Many users of Soberlink have shared their positive experiences with the device. One user stated that it helped them maintain their sobriety and gave them a sense of accountability. Another user praised the convenience of the device, as it allowed them to test themselves from the comfort of their own home.

Others have noted that Soberlink has helped them rebuild trust with family members and loved ones. One user shared that their spouse was able to see their progress and was more supportive as a result. Another user noted that their employer was impressed with their commitment to sobriety and allowed them to return to work.

Overall, the testimonials for Soberlink are overwhelmingly positive. Users have praised the device for its accuracy, convenience, and ability to support their sobriety journey.


In conclusion, Soberlink is a powerful and reliable alcohol monitoring system that offers significant benefits in both family law and workplace compliance settings. It provides a convenient and accurate way for individuals to prove their sobriety, ensuring compliance with court orders or workplace regulations.

Soberlink’s advanced technology, including facial recognition and fuel-cell breathalyzer, guarantees the reliability and accuracy of the test results. The device’s tamper-proof design further enhances its credibility.

Whether it’s helping parents regain custody of their children or promoting workplace safety, Soberlink serves as a valuable tool for individuals and organizations seeking accountability and peace of mind. The positive testimonials from users highlight its effectiveness in supporting sobriety and rebuilding trust.

Overall, Soberlink stands as a trusted and cost-effective solution that plays a crucial role in monitoring alcohol use disorder and fostering recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about this topic.

How does a Soberlink device work?

Soberlink is a portable breathalyzer that uses fuel cell technology to measure the alcohol content in your breath. You blow into the device, and it will analyze your breath sample to determine your current blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level.

How long will Soberlink detect alcohol?

Soberlink can detect alcohol in your breath for up to 12 hours after your last drink, depending on the amount of alcohol consumed. However, it is important to note that the device is not intended to be used as a tool for monitoring sobriety in real time.

Is Soberlink a breathalyzer?

Yes, Soberlink is a professional-grade breathalyzer that is used by courts, probation departments, and treatment centers to monitor sobriety and compliance with alcohol-related conditions.

How sensitive is the Soberlink breathalyzer?

Soberlink is highly sensitive, and it can detect even trace amounts of alcohol in your breath. The device is calibrated to detect alcohol at a concentration of 0.02%, which is well below the legal limit for driving in most states.

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